In 2011, the weather was one of the driest winters in thirty years. In fact, April was the driest on record with 7% humidity. The weather continued with low spring moisture followed by a hot dry summer. Moisture arrived at the end of August and by November 1 we had 75 - 80 % of our annual rain fall. Continually precipitation later in November increased the yearly moisture to 10 inches; normal is 12 inches annually.



I attended 'Partners in Community Forestry' in Orlando Florida, November 13 thru 17, 2011. This is my second year attending this conference. Last year this conference was in Philadelphia. Main topics of these conferences were:Urban and Community Forestry Management Plans which includes Green Infrastructure Plans for all municipalities, now and the future. Other topics were 'Tree City USA' Tree Campus USA, and the Million Tree Initiative. In a nutshell, I am learning how we should care and better manage our green space especially urban trees.

I have decided to get my masters degree. I will be attending an on line masters program from Oregon State University (OSU). Masters in Natural Resources with emphasis in Urban Forestry. I will apply on November 28, 2011 for the January 2012 Quarter. My goal is to became a full time teacher, teaching here in New Mexico and part-time at OSU.

We have a grandson, Dominick Paul, three years old, who has autism. He needs a lot of support and educational assistance. Sheri (my wife) and I really want to help out.

Also, still working on my Registered Consulting Status, a lot of detailed legal reports to submit and qualify.



Think Trees New Mexico- February 2 and 3 ,2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico Pro Green - February 7 through February 10, 2012 in Denver Colorado International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) August 11 through August 15, 2012 in Portland, Or. Partners in Community Forestry and Society of Municipal Arborist Conference- to be announced. ISA- RMC Annual Conference - to be announced



 Town Of Taos is now a - Tree City USA

A grant from the New Mexico State Forestry Community Forest Assistance Program- to inventory trees in the Town of Taos- Rocky Mountain Youth Corp, a non-profit was awarded this project. 800 trees will be inventoried. Inventory will help with our Urban Forestry Management Plan.



I have been appointed acting Chair and Vice Chair of the New Mexico Urban Forest Council. A two to four year comment.